Friday, May 22, 2009

Daf 29 - Quiz

Q. How responsible is someone who is watching an item he found ?

A. Raboh - like a Shomer Chinom.
R. Yosef - a Shomer Sochor

Q. If he sold the item & is now holding the money instead , how responsible is he ?

A. R. Tarfon - he may use the money thus he is like a Shoel.
R. Akiva - he may not use it & he is less responsible.
Q. But what if he found actual money with a siman that he is obligated to return , may he use that ?

A. No. & he is like a Shomer Sochor.
Q. What are the rules of taking care of a found object while waiting for the owner ?

A. Each item according to its needs so that it does not get ruined.

Q. Where was the best place to buy Tefilin in the days of Abayei ?
A. By Bar Chovu.

Q. If you borrowed a pen for 10 minutes & than someone asked you if they can use for a moment to write one word is that permitted ?

A. No.
Q. What type of water should a person avoid drinking ?
A. Warm water.

Q. How can a person lose money quickly ?
A. By not supervising his staff.
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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Daf 28 - Quiz

Q. Is relying on a siman a Torah law or Rabbinical ?

A. This is a question in the Gemara. The Rambam concludes that a Siman Muvhak is Torah law.

Q. What can be better than Simonim ?
A. Witnesess.
Q. How many Jews came back initially when they built the second Beis Hamigdosh ?

A. 42,360
Q. Should a finder announce what type of item he found ?
A. Yes

Q. Where did they anounce finds in Yerusholayim ?

A. There was a high stone platform which was used.

Q. Where should we anounce nowadays ?
A. In public areas such as Shuls & Yeshivas.
Q. If someone finds a working animal what should he do ?

A. Let him put it to work up to 12 months if that's feasible if it will pay for itself ...
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Daf 27- Quiz

Q. How many specific items does the Torah mention regarding lost & found , in Dvarim 22 ?

A. 4. An ox , sheep , donkey & garment.

Q. How is a garment different than the other 3 ?
A. It is man made thus it may have a siman.
Q. What is the root of the word Simlah ( a garment ) ?

A. Sheim loh - it has a name for itself.
Q. If you find an item worth less than a peruta what should you do ?

A. There is no obligation.

Q. What is the most significant facial feature for purposes of identification ?

A. The nose.
Q. What is the connection between the nose ( chotem ) & a sin ( chait ) , it is the same hebrew word ?

A. We need to avoid sticking our noses into the wrong places that may lead to sins.
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Daf 26- Quiz

Q. What if someone finds rusty treasures in an old wall ?

A. The finder keeps it.

Q. What about in a new wall ?

A. It depends on the item , if we can tell who put it in, they get it.
If not , depends if it is in the outer half of wall or the inner half.
If the wall is filled with it they divide.
Q. How often were the streets of Yerusholayim swept ?
A. Every day.

Q. What is the name of a Sage whose name is that of one who is considered as Reuven & Shimon & whose Fathers name is that of the Father of all the Shevotim ?

A. Rav Menashe ben Yaakov.

Q. How can someone pick up a quarter & in the process transgress one aseih & 2 lavin ?

A. If he saw the person drop it & he rushed to pick it up before yiush in order to steal it -
He transgresses - return it
- don't steal &
- don't refrain from returning.
Q. When do we say that you may keep what you found even while the owner seems to be looking for it ?

A. If you saw him drop money into sand , even if he brought a sifter & he seems to be searching for it you may keep it if you find it first.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Daf 25 - Quiz

Q. What should he do if he finds scattered coins or piles of coins ?

A. The piles need to be anounced because they can be identified.
Q. What if there is an empty container next to items that may have fallen from the container ?

A. We need to determine if they are probably together or not.

Q. What if someone claims I lost a bill with my name written on it is that a valid siman ?

A. No. He may have spent it.

Q. What can be special with 3 coins ?
A. The way they are stacked.
Q. If something may have been left there intentionally what should you do ?

A. Leave it.
Q. What is a hamnik ?

A. A fork. See R. Chananel.
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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Daf 24 - Quiz

Q. What is the overall common denominator of the 3 matters that one should conceal ?
A. Tosfos explains issues to maintain Peace.

Q. If someone would dry his hands on someone else s garment what else is he suspected of ?

A. Stealing other items as well.

Q. How is it possible for there to be a container of wine that only one Jew is allowed to drink ?

A. If it was lost & found in a place that has mostly non-Jews , the wine becomes forbidden to all. But if the owner has a siman & he gets it back , he alone may drink it.
Q. How is it possible that you may keep a certain find & at the same time you are obligated to return it ?
A. If most of the area are non-Jews & there is yiush but there may still be a requirement of going beyond the basic law to still return it.
Q. Who was greater R. Ami or R. Asi ?
A. Tosfos says that R. Ami was greater. They were both Kohanim & chaveirim.
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Daf 23- Quiz

Q. What is meant by - one may not pass by food ?

A. Rashi & Tosfos - one has to pick it up.

Q. Why ?
A. Some say just as we may not leave a Sefer on the floor , we surely pick it up , so too , food is a great miracle of Hashem , the fuel that keeps us alive. We must treat it with respect.

Q. What is the common denominator between
Don't pass by food &
Don't pass by a Mitzva opportunity ?

A. Treat them both right as we said above.
Q. What would be definite yiush ?

A. If the owner said - woe I lost it.
Q. If you find something in the street that appears to have been left there intentionally , should you leave it there for the owner ?
A. No. Take it & anounce it.

Q. Can a knot or the place be a valid Siman ?
A. Yes.
Q. What may be an even better Siman ?
A. The measurements , wieght , or the amount of items.

Q. What unusual shape of a cut of meat is used as an example of a siman ?

A. A triangle.
Q. Who used that shape ?

A. Raboh bar Rav Huna.

Q. Which 3 areas is a person encouraged to be careful not to speak so freely ?
A. About his learning - be humble.
- about his personal behavior - be modest.
- about favors others have done for him - be discreet.
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.