Saturday, June 13, 2009

3 of 613

We have 3 of the 613 Mitvos in this Parsha - Shlach.

The Siman can be

S - shom Einayim - keep your eyes on your tzitzis.

L - Lo Sosuru - do not stray after the negative.

Ch - Separate Chalah.
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Daf 50 - Quiz

Q. Regarding an overcharge of less than a sixth where we assume people forgive , what question can we still have ?

A. Is the forgiveness immediate or only after the buyer can show it to others.?
Q. What is the equivalent of getting an expert opinion from a merchant ?

A. An opinion from a good relative.

Q. Regarding fraud over a sixth where the sale is void , is there a time limit of showing it to others or is it unlimited ?

A. That is the Gemaras second question.

Q. What is Ravas 3 point halachic conclusion ?

A. Less than a 1/6 - it stays.
More than - both may retract.
An even 1/6 - its valid but give a refund.
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Daf 49- Quiz

Q. What is the remez in the Torah that a person should strive to keep his word when he says yes or no ?

A. Hin Tzedek.

Q. Why is it wrong for a person to say one thing but in his mind he has other plans ?

A. There is a lack of truth & it is a form of theft. See Rambam

Q. What if someone mentioned to a friend I plan to give you a gift , but now he is reconsidering , is it permissible ?
A. It depends if it was a small amount & they were relying on it one should not retract.
Q. If someone asks , can you watch my money & the response is - my house is available , does he become responsible ?

A. Not unless he adds , put it in front of me or I will watch it.
Q. If a seller overcharghed or if a buyer underpaid what is the penalty ?

A. When it is the amount of a sixth they are obligated to pay back.
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

Daf 48- Quiz

Q. Why does Hashem punish people who do not keep their word , even if they are non-Jews ?

A. Because it is a lack in being a Mentch.

Q. Does money alone clinch a deal according to the Torah ?

A. It is a dispute -
R. Yochanon - yes
Reish Lokish - no
Q. Does Meshicha appply by non-Jews ?
A. No.
Q. What is a siton ?

A. A wheat wholesaler. Rashbam

Tosfos says he sells liquids.
Q. What is a mi shepora ?

A. Abayei - we inform him as to what Hashem does.
Rava - it is a curse.
Q. What if he gave a partial payment ?
Rav - he acquires only that amount of value.

R. Yochanon - he will get a mi shepora for the full amount.
Q. If someone was cursed for one reason does that mean he can be cursed more ?
A. Tosfos says no.
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Daf 47- Quiz

Q. Whose item is used for Chalipin ?
A. Rav - the buyer
Leivi - the sellers.
Q. In which Megilah do we find the source of Kinyan Chalipin ?

A. Rus.
Q. What type of Naal was used ?

A. The Targum explains it was the glove of the right hand.
Q. Is Meshicha stated openly in the Torah ?

A. That is a dispute -
R. Yochanon - no.
Reish Lokish - yes
Q. What are 2 ways of defining the word - vetzarta hakesef ?

A. Either to wrap it up or use a coin that has an imprint on it.
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Daf 46- Quiz

Q. If one cannot aquire coins through barter , what about using them to effect the barter ?

A. Surely not. Tosfos.

Q. Where do we see a Sage going out of his way as hishtadlus for funds that belonged to him ?

A. Rav Papa went to meet the agent who was bringing his 12,000 coins.
Q. What is included in the term Parnasah ?

A. Rashi , all the needs of a person.
Q. What is the equivalent of - until my son arrives ?

A. Or until I find the key .
Q. Can produce be used to effect chalipin ?

A. R. Sheishes - yes
R. Nachman - no. Only a utensil

Q. Does money aquire movable items by Torah law ?
A. R. Yochanon - yes
R. Lokish - no. Use Meshicha
Q. Does Reish Lokish hold like R. Sheishes ?

A. Yes.
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Daf 45 - Quiz

Q. Who is the teacher of the principle one may not lend a gold dinar for a gold dinar because it may go up value thus turning into Ribis ?

A. R. Yochanon.
Q. What is Maaser Sheini & who is to eat it ?

A. It is seperated by the owners the first , second , fourth & fifth years of a Shmita cycle. It is brought to Yerusholayim & eaten there.
Q. What type of foods does the Torah list that we should buy ?

A. 2 types of meat & 2 types of wine.

Q. Which 2 types of food may not be bought ?
A. Tosfos lists water & salt.
Q. Can a coin be used for a barter acquisition ?

A. It is a dispute.
Q. Is a coin considered a utensil ?

A. Tosfos says yes.

Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Parsha Question

What are the 3 Brochos of Birchas Kohanim ?

The Targum Yonoson explains -

1- physical needs
2- growth in Torah
3- success in Prayer

This corresponds to lessons from the 3 Avos
1 - Avraham who did Chesed in all ways including basic needs.
2- Yaakov who was the pillar of Torah
3 - Yitzchok the pillar of Avodah which includes prayer.
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

Daf 44 - Quiz

Q. If someone said he would sell something for x amount & both sides agreed & they have witnesess watching is it a done deal ?

A. No. It is not valid until a kinyan is made.
Q. If one side gave the money to buy a movable item but did not yet lift up the item , either side may retract but what happens ?
A. It is not a Jewish way ,
He has to accept a curse at Beis Din for not keeping his word ,& then he gets his money back.

Q. What is an asimon ?

A. Rashi says a blank coin without an imprint.
Q. How much is a Peruta ?
A. An eighth of an Italian Isur.

Q. How much does one have to give a Kohen to redeem a first born son ?
A. 5 silver Shekels. He may give a gold dinar & receive 5 silver dinarim of change.
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.