Friday, May 1, 2009

Daf 8 - Quiz

Q. What are 3 ways one can aquire a find ?

A. Lift it up ,
Get it in his property ,
Have someone else lift it up for him.
Q. If a person lifts up something completely for someone else is it valid for that person ?

A. Romi b. C. - yes
Rava - no.
Q. What is a Mosaro ?

A. The rope with which an animal can be handed over.

Q. How is that connected to the study of Mussar ?

A. That is how one can gain control , with Hashems help , of the evil inclination.

Q. Why does the rope work for a Kinyan only when someone is selling it ?
A. Because he is giving it over to the buyer.
Q. One who grabs the rope by a find does he get anything ?

A. Yes. The rope. See Rambam.
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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Daf 7 - Quiz

Q. What are the 2 factors required in order to be able to make something Hekdesh ?

A. 1- to be his &
2- under his jurisdiction.

Q. What is the case of 2 people holding a Talis that we say they divide it equally ?

A. If they were both holding the edges.

Q. What if each had a part of the garment ?
A. They get what they were holding plus half of the rest.

Q. What if there is a gold stripe on the side of the Talis closer to one of them ?

A. They still divide the value evenly.

Q. What is the Toref of a document ?

A. The heading.

Q. What is the tofes ?
A. The standard text.

Q. What is the most significant part of the Toref ?
A. The date in order to collect from a lien on property.
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Daf 6 - Quiz

Q. When a person has to swear 3 oaths are they separate or all together ?

A. Rambam explains it is one oath that includes 3 points - that he was not negligent , he did not misuse it & he does not have it hidden somewhere.
Q. Why would a person be more afraid to take a chance with a sofeik by an oath ?

A. Because it is not returnable.

Q. When are words considered as action ?

A. If someone told hekdesh I will sell you this for x amount , the deal is locked in.

Q. What are the 3 forms of Mitzvas Bechor ?

A. To redeem a firstborn son
To give a Kohen the firstborn of kosher animals,
To redeem a firstborn donkey.
Q. Who sanctifies a Bechor ?

A. It comes automatically.
Q. Are there any other animals that one needs to sanctify besides the firstborn ?

A. Yes. One has seperate one out of every 10 of his new animals for Maaser.
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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Daf 5- Quiz

Q. Which of these is considered a Tana who can argue with a Braisa :Abayei , Rava or R. Chiya ?

A. R. Chiya

Q. What if he claimed you owe me 10 apples & the person admits to 5 oranges , is that called a partial admission?

- No
- R. Kamliel - yes
Q. What is a heses oath ?

A. Rambam explains it was instituted by the Sages of the Gemara , it is not like a Torah oath it is not with holding a Holy object.
Q. What type of a person becomes disqualified from serving as a Kosher witness ?
A. One who is considered a Rosha.

Q. Why was an average shepherd considered disqualified from serving as a witness ?

A. Because they would sin by having their personal animals graze in other peoples fields.
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Daf 4 - Quiz

Q. What is the difference between a single witness who obligates an oath or 2 witnesess who obligate an oath ?

A. By one witness he needs to swear to counter the claim of the witness , by 2 he needs to pay for what they incriminated him & swear that he does not owe the rest.

Q. What is the difference between one who denies a loan or one who denies receiving a deposit for safekeeplng ?

A. In the first case he may still be qualified to serve as a witness.

Q. If someone claims you owe me 100 & he admits to 50 & says here it is , does he need to swear about the rest ?
R. Chiya - yes
R. Sheishes - no.

Q. If someone returns a wallet with 200 , can you insist that he swear that he didn't take the other 100 you claim you had there ?

A. No.
Q. What are 4 things we don't swear about ?

A. Fields , servants , documents & Hekdesh.

Q. How can someone be brought to swear about a field ?

A. If it is together as a package with non - fields.
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Monday, April 27, 2009

Daf 3 - Quiz

Q. What is the meaning of the word Tokeif ?

A. Rashi - to hold

Q. How did the Sages prevent people from making frivolous claims ?
A. By imposing an oath to substantiate a claim.
A. What is the opinion of R. Yosi ?

A. We need to impose limits that will deter potential crooks.

Q. Is there a difference between one who admits to owing some of the money or if 2 witnesses testify that he owes some ?

A. No. In both cases he pays the amount & swears concerning the rest.

Q. What if there was only one witness ?

A. He only has to swear.

Q. What if 2 witnesess say he needs to bring a Korban ?

A. R. Meir - yes
Chachomim - no.
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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bava Metzia Daf 2 - Quiz

Q. If a person grabs a hold of something from someone else & claims it is his , does he get to keep half of it ?

A. Not unless he swears to back his claim.
Q. Is there any other way to divide without an oath ?

A. If they both admit or they have witnesses.

Q. If someone sees something & says , wow , look what I found , does that make it his ?

A. Not unless he does some action to take it in his hand or on his property.
Q. Who is Kedi ?

A. Some say it is the name of a Sage , some say it means anonymous.

Q. What does Ben Nanos hold ?

A. Always avoid a false oath.

Q. What does Sumchos hold ?

A. By a monetary doubt split without swearing.
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.