Thursday, August 9, 2007

Wonders 41 - Drops of Blessing

Why does Hashem cause the rain to fly down to us in small , gentle drops ?
What a gift of refreshing sustenance granted with loving care for such an abundance of purposes.
- All types of drinks ,
- Clean Clothes
- Baths & showers
- to cook food
- sprinkle the lawns
- Wash our hands & faces

Hashem says , why should I trouble you to go to the ocean , river or lake , I will deliver these precious drops to your house. Free Home delivery service. Baruch Hashem !
Rain has been called Liquid Sunshine. It is about equal in its incredible value & it may be easier for it to wake us up to the reality that Hashem is providing us with , as it taps us gently in the face. Yes , we need to thank Hashem for this most magnificent gift.
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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

E-Z Pass for the Soul

Why does E-Z pass work & how can we use it to develop our spiritual level ?
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Monday, August 6, 2007

Smoke Alarm- Wonders 40

Have you thanked Hashem lately for the unique smoke alarm system He has attached to your body ?
First of all why did He decide to position it right in the center of your face ?
One reason , Rav Miller explained is so that it can hold your glasses in place in case you may use them.
But it serves much more than that. It is a most amazing machine that can breathe & keep us alive as a divers snorkel. It can process & identify millions of molecules which constantly fly through the air.
Besides the early warning smells for protection , it provides pleasure , such as to inform you in advance of the delicious supper your wife has waiting for you.
It stands gaurd as a sentry over your mouth , as a security gaurd with a sniffing dog to detect spoilage of that which may cause harm.
Your small nose has about 10 million super advanced computers of receptor cells that run all types of programs. That is nothing to sneeze at. And if you do hear someone sneeze , once in a while , thank Hashem for the wonderful relief cleansing system of a sneeze. Baruch Hashem.
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Prayer Posture - W. 39

We have guidelines in Shulchan Oruch Siman 95 as to how to utilize all of our body parts to participate in prayer to Hashem.
To pray the Shmone Esrei ,
* Keep your two feet close together as one to resemble an Angel.
* Bend your head slightly downward in a humble manner.
* your eyes also focus downward

* your hands folded over your heart
* your heart / mind thinking heavenly thoughts.

Mishna Berura adds that we sway with the whole body also in fulfillment of - All my bones say , who is like You !
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Tree Links - Wonders 38

What is the connection between
Eitz - a tree
Eitzem - a bone
& Eitza - advice ???

1 - is a display stand , rack , for leaves , fruit , wood to serve as a frame for providing us with many useful materials.

2 - Bones are similar in that they grow , maintain , support & protect the body. They keep the body in shape to live & accomplish.

3 - Advice serves as a spiritual support system to help us think straight to guide & sustain us to grow in all areas of life.

Your creations are many , Hashem , they are all made with profound wisdom ... Tehillim 104 :24
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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Mitzva Count - Parshas Reay

This Sedra has the third most Mitzvos in one Parsha.
* 6 dealing with Holy & the opposite
- Destroy places of idol worship where we own the area.
- Don't destroy that which is sacred to Hashem.
- Bring offerings to the Holy Temple
- Don't burn a sacrifice anywhere else.
- An Olah can only be brought there.
- If an offering animal became blemished it is to be redeemed.

8 laws of eating restrictions

* One may not eat out of Yerushalayim -
Maaser Sheini of grain
Of wine
Of oil.
A kohen may not eat of a firstborn animal
Nor the meat of certain offerings outside of the Temple courtyard
Nor of any olah offering
Nor of a voluntary offering until the blood applications.
- A kohen may not eat Bikurim until it is placed in the Beis Hamikdosh.
13 laws of Priorities
- Always help the Levites & those who are devoted to always study Torah
- Never eat meat from a live animal
- Not until the animal was slaughtered in the Kosher manner
- An offering is only permitted in Hashems chosen place.
- Never add to a Mitzva
- Nor subtract
- never listen to a false prophet
- Don't like one who persaudes people to sin
* don't listen to his pleas for mercy
* don't save him from danger
* don't try to argue on his behalf.
* don't cover up if you have something negative to say.
* we must destroy such wicked people.
10 more to investigate the Truth & avoid the negative
- Beis Din must check witnesses carefully.
- If an entire city sinned , we destroy it all by fire.
- Never to be rebuilt.
- Don't use anything from there.
- don't cut your skin as idol worshippers did.
- nor to tear your hair as they did.
- Do not eat anything called an abomination.
- Only eat birds that are Kosher.
- Do not eat flying insects.
- Do not eat Nevela , if it died.

10 laws of Giving

* Give a Tenth , to eat in Yerusholayim.
* Every third year give a tenth to the poor.
* Every Shmita release debts that are owed to you
* Don't ask for payment.
* Do collect from non - jews.
* Don't close your heart & hand from helping the poor.
* Open your hand to give.
* Don't stop giving loans before Shmita.
* Don't send a jewish servant away empty.
* Give him tips & bonuses.
8 more laws of Timing
- Do not work with a firstborn animal which is holy.
- Do not shear wool off of a holy animal.
* No eating Chometz Erev Pesach in the afternoon
* No leaving over from the meat of a Korban Chagiga
* No bringing a korban Pesach in a private place
* Rejoice on the Holidays.
* 3 times a year come before Hashem at the Beis Hamigdosh.
* Don't come empty handed - bring a Korban.
We have 55 Mitzvos in Reay.
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.