Saturday, June 26, 2010

Word Evaluations - 25

The Chofetz Chaim begins his first 3 chapters of Halacha with a similar theme -

1- one may not say negative , even if its true information ,

2- Even to only one person , it is forbidden. If there are more listeners it is worse.

3- Even if the subject is also present it is forbidden.

We learn how to evaluate our words - will they possibly hurt someones feelings ?
Will people feel more energized , happy , wholesome ?
The reason proper speech serves as an insurance policy for longevity is because it helps others live with energy & vitality.
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Words of Prosperity - 24

Hashem is my provider I shall not lack. You probably know the source of that saying , Tehilim 23 , but how often do you say it & mean it. ?

We need to focus on the abundance Hashem supplies all over , His power , & generosity. His willingness to help provide for all of our needs & desires.

At each stage of our lives Hashem provides us with goodness for that time. We need to focus on realizing that Hashem is setting things up for us , He is making connections for us. As we focus properly , we will notice valuable gems coming our way that will enable us to grow.
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

Quiet Words - 23

In a quiet way we can all touch many lives the Torah way. We need to live with acts of kindness , generosity , compassion in a bashful manner.
That is how we uplift the world in our own quiet way.
Hashem provides us with many opportunities to discover our missions in life , we feel a demand for us to step in , a feeling of enthusiasm & a burning desire to get to work , as the Mishna says - Love your Work.

As an example , if you need to put together a team effort for a project , try asking each participant - What part of this project would you like to do most ?
Let people choose their preferences with eagerness & joy , you will make their day & they will make your week.
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Watch Your Words - 22

If you think or say , I would like to get rich quick , you may be limiting your opportunity to be rich already now.
The Mishna teaches us the direct path to wealth - to rejoice with your portion. Contemplate , visualize & feel the riches you already possess by recognizing that you are already wealthy.

To think I need to become rich may be counterproductive.

This is an example of Loshon Hora when a person rejects the great wealth Hashem keeps showering upon him & makes it seem as if he has nothing.
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

Words of Prayer - 21

We pray that Hashem should please open our lips & enable our mouths to relate Your praise.
We need to refrain from using words in negative ways & instead only use them for the positive.
Hashem is close to all those who call out to Him sincerely , truthfully , as we say in Ashrei. The truth includes knowing who we are - Hashems beloved children.
We need to not only look up , but also look within ourselves to connect to Hashem.
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

Behind the Words - 20

Why would someone say the speech was not worth much ?

It may be not to his liking because he was hoping to hear some new insights or some deep analysis or some great stories etc. But this speaker has a different style.
Thus one who demeans the speech for such reasons is lying. C. C. 2:12.

This is an opportunity to remind ourselves of how to prepare an ideal speech - to divide it into 1/3 halacha , 1/3 agada & 1/3 stories. Sanhedrin 38b.
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

Word Creations - 19

Your words create your WORLD.

Life is what happens to us while we are choosing the right words.

Words matter.
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Word Titles - 18

There are 4 groups of people who tend to hang out together, and many times they are even combined in the same person.

These 4 do not merit to come close to the Shechina in the future because they have not developed their positive communication skills.

A flatterer
Speaker of Loshon Hora
& a scoffer.

The Siman the C. C. Says is
Chashmal ,
Sheker ,
Mesaper L. H. &

We need to focus on what it takes to elevate ourselves to come close to Hashem. One great method is to follow Avos 4:1 - to honor others.

Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Word Games ? - 17

One of the great lessons we learn from the laws of life is to avoid so called word games that are against Torah Principles.
When someone says the wrong words , they are opting for a lie which undermines their strength. We cannot play small. We cannot act like victims.
Be what Hashem wants you to be. Be strong , wholesome , careful with the laws of proper speech , and magnificent.
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

Fw: EPI Networking

Thank you

Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

From: yaakov simon <>
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2010 15:13:10 -0700 (PDT)
To: Rabbi Moshe Goldberger<>
Subject: EPI Networking

Dear Rabbi Goldberger, shlita

Please let your subscribers know that if any knows of a job opening or a jobless candidate, they should inform EPI Networking at (EPI stands for Emergency Parnasa Initiative).  They have a gemach that offers up to $25,000 to any frum person who wants to open a new business (though it needs to be co-signed and the borrower would need to be bloody-detailed about how they want to spend the money).


Words of Feedback -16

Negative feedback to a speech such as saying it was boring is forbidden for it may cause monetary loss , pain & shame.

You may offer the speaker privately suggestions on how you think he may improve his speech , for that you can get a Mitzva , but it is forbidden to share your thoughts with others.
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

Fw: Job Needed for my Friend

Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

From: "Joe Herskowitz" <>
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2010 09:54:36 -0400
To: <>
Subject: Job Needed for my Friend

Hi Rabbi,


I have a friend who I would recommend very highly that needs a job either in Lakewood or can travel up to 30-45 min in NJ.  He’s very smart, articulate and professional and would be an excellent employee of any company. 


Could you please send out his resume (attached) to our daily friends to see if anyone has any ideas or would need someone to join their company. 


If anyone has any questions, please contact me at


Thanks so much.


Yosef Dov


Words to always Say - 15

The Talmud teaches us to train ourselves to always say
Its good !

Why say , how bad , when its truly good !
Hashem has better options for us than we realize. He knows how to arrange ideal situations & accommodations.
Is it kindness ? Yes
Is it Hashems love for us ? Yes
He runs the world & He has our interests in mind !

Words - like this is good , can protect us from saying Loshon Hora against Hashem & missing the great truths of all the benefits Hashem keeps sending our way.
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

Monday, June 21, 2010

One Word - 14

One word at a time , at just the right moment , can make all the difference to lead you where you are headed.
Big changes usually come in small steps & stages , one word at a time. This is another insight in the Mishna Avos 1:15 - say a little & that will lead you to doing a lot.

Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

Words behind Doors -13

Each of the participants of a meeting must be careful afterwards not to reveal their personal view if they were outvoted in favor or disfavor of someone.
The chofetz Chaim says this is forbidden even if the meeting members did not warn each other not to reveal the details of their closed session.
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Old News - words -12

We need to be very careful.
Even if the information is well known that this person mis behaved when he was young , but he improved his ways. Or their is negative information about his parents , but he is not that way.
It is forbidden to reveal this type of old news even if does not add to the accurate details. Even if every one seems to know about it.
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

Passionate Words - 11

Dovid Hamelech teaches us one of the secrets to achieving greatness -
Oh how I love Your Torah , all day long it is my conversation.
When someone shares a Torah insight with excitement , passion & fascination , we tend to enjoy it more & get excited. We feel renewed , recharged & uplifted. The energy comes through the words to inspire us greatly.
The amount of passion a speaker shares with his words makes all the difference.
If we want to desire life , love days , to see good results , as Tehilim teaches , we need to realize that the key element is the passion we invest.

With Torah guided passion you become a dynamic , charismatic speaker of words , the way words are supposed to used as we state in the Shma.
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

Less Words - 10

Sometimes people rationalize by thinking , I'm not really saying anything , everything was said already etc.

The Chofetz Chaim 2:9 cautions against adding even one word ! Or showing in any way that you are backing some negative statement.

The closer a statement is to truth , the fewer words are needed to express it - & it may still be forbidden words.

The number of words in the 10 Commandments are 172. We learn in Pirkei Avos 1:15 to always train ourselves to say the most with the least amount of words.
You will benefit in many ways. Besides avoiding Loshon Hora , your communication will become crystal clear & your results. .
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

Insignificant Words ?- 9

There is no such thing as insignificant words. When we speak to others we communicate & connect with them.

When the Mishna Avos 1:15 teaches the Mitzva to smile at others , it says you should Accept every person , - the way we speak to each other - can make their day & even their week !
One who acts in a rude or gruff manner can be hurting people to their core. We have the power to uplift others & ourselves by the way we use every word we say.
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.