Wednesday, August 22, 2007

W. 48 - Why 10 ?

Why did Hashem provide us with 10 fingers ?
There is a musician who instead of advertising that he is a one man band, he claims that he is a ten finger band !
One primary purpose is to remind us of our objectives in life to fulfill the 10 commandments. We know that they are divided onto two tablets , five on each , thus they correspond to our two hands of 5 fingers on each.
What a great gift. Baruch Hashem.
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A one-hour clip of a rare chalitza ceremony, in Bnei Brak

conducted by Rav Mordechai Gross.


Rare Mitzva

If you want to see a clip of a rare Chalitza ,Mitzva ceremony , send us a note.
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Wonders 47 -Fantastic Fingers

What is the main reason Hashem gave us such incredible fingers ?
There are usages that we may think are far fetched but our Sages teach that they may be primary functions intended by Hashem , the Creator & Designer.

The Torah , 21:14 , instructs every soldier to have a shovel among his tools & weapons ( in order to dig & cover up body wastes ).
The Talmud, Kesubos 5b , explains another level - Hashem has provided people with two toolboxes filled with a variety of equipment of different sizes & shapes. You can look at your two hands right now to see how each finger is uniquely shaped for many functions.

Thus the Talmud reveals an amazing secret - one of the primary purposes of our fingers are to serve as earplugs in order to block out inappropriate words.
We have two related levels of interpetation
1 - keep your area clean
2- keep your mind also clean.

Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

Mitzva Count - Ki Seitzei

This Parsha has 74 Mitzvos , the most of all the Parshiyos.

6 for dealing with captives & those who are hanged -
- There are laws how to deal with a captured woman
- don't sell them
- don't put them to work
- A man is to be hung on a pole
- but not to be left hanging overnight.
- he should be buried on that day.

10 for caring for others & for oneself
* Return that which you find
* don't ignore a find
* don't turn away if someone is stuck on the road
* Help them out
- A woman may not dress like a man
- A man may not dress as a woman
-Don't take a mother bird with its young.
- Send away the mother bird
* Put up safety railings for the rooftop & windows.
* Remove anything that can cause harm or bloodshed.
4 for Mixing
* No mixing grapeseed with other types
* that which grows is forbidden & it needs to be burned.
* Don't work with an ox & a donkey.
* Don't wear Shatnes , wool & linen together.
13 Marriage related

- Mitzva to get Married
- If he had accused her unjustly , he has to keep her always as his wife.
- He may never divorce her.
- Stone to death those who are guilty.
- we don't punish those who were forced into sin.
- if someone coerced a woman he must pay the father a fine.
- He must marry her.
* a man who is physically unable to have children may only marry certain women.
* the same applies to one who was born from parents who were forbidden to be together.
# a man from Amon or Moav may never marry a Jewish woman.
# we should not offer them friendship.
# don't despise converts from Edom ...
# don't despise Egyptians.

9 for cleanliness & Respect

- One who is unclean may not come close to the Temple mount
- Soldiers need special outhouses
- plus every soldier should have a shovel in order to dig & cover up.

* don't send a servant out of Eretz Yisroel.
* don't oppress him.

# A couple may not be together without marriage.

* An animal that was used to pay for a sin or if it was traded for a dog may not be used for an offering.
- Don't agree to pay interest to a Jew or from a Jew.
- yes , from a non-jew.


9 keeping your word & your marriage.

* Don't delay paying a pledge
* keep your word

- A worker may eat of the fruit in between his working.
- but don't take some home.
- and don't take during work.

# one who is newly married may not leave home
# For one year he must focus on his relationship.
# If the marriage is impossible , a document of divorce is required.
# if she married someone else , the first husband may never remarry her.


1 - guard against removing a sign of retribution from Hashem. Listen to the message.

10 - dealing with others

* Don't take as security food utensils
* Don't go into ones home to request a security item.
* Don't go to sleep with something they may need at night.
* Return it every evening.

- Pay wages on time

# Don't take security from a widow.

* A relative may not testify on behalf of a relative.

- Be careful when judging a convert or an orphan.

- If you forget a bundle in your field leave it for
Converts , orphans & widows.

- don't go back to take it.


2 for Penalties

* there are beatings with a whip for transgressions
* 39 Malkus.

10 Caring for others

# don't muzzle an animal while it is working.
# If someone died without children , the widow should not remarry until
- we consider that the husbands brother should marry her
- or she pulls off his shoe in a chalitza procedure.
* we are obligated to do whatever is necessary to save a life.
* even if we must kill the potential murderer.
* Remember what terrorists have done to you.
* Destroy them & erase their memory.
* Don't forget.
# don't keep around false weights or measuring utensils.


Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Wonders 46 -Fabulous Feet

What is the main purpose Hashem gave us the gift of our legs ? Are they mainly for standing , walking or sitting ?

The Talmud , Kesubos 111b , cautions us not to sit too much because it can cause certain ailments , not to stand too much because it may harm the heart & not to walk too much to avoid harming ones eyesight. Thus we should to it to maintain a balance of the 3 activities.
This teaching sheds light on Hashems plans for how we should utilize our legs for standing & walking & not to forget the bend & fold feature for how to park our unique vehicle without having to search for a parking lot.
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.