Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thanking Hashem for Food

The Torah says , When you finish eating say the Blessings.
But why are there 4 blessings ? Why not just thank for the food ?
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

First Lesson - W. 37.

What is the first & foremost lesson a tree teaches us ?
What is the great lesson of Silence ?
Why & how is silence the fence for wisdom ?
Rav A. Miller ztl taught the answer to these 3 questions in that we learn that Hashem created every tree. When we are quiet we can think Hashem created us & everything around us.
Silence can provide the energy to refuel our minds & recharge our souls.
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

W. 36 - Be like a Tree

How often does Hashem expect me to speak up & criticize or teach others ?
You know the saying -
Reach in & teach someone.
A tree is a model for many lessons including ,
If you are still , consistent , quiet as a tree , you can be teaching in a way that is louder than words !
* silence is the fence for wisdom.
* Say little & do a lot.

Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Round trees - Wonders 35

Why does Hashem keep making trees round , whereas people keep making houses rectangular shaped ?
The answer is who says trees should be compared to homes ? Rather , they are like pipes & all pipes are made like trees. Have you ever seen a square pipe ?
" All of Your deeds You have made with profound wisdom ".
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

W. 34. Don't Bark

One of the lessons we learn from the soft , gentle skin Hashem has granted us is that we should not bark at people. Trees have rough bark & dogs bark , but we should communicate gently.
On the other hand we need to learn from the Torah when & how to develop a thick skin to ignore insults. The Torah is called the tree of life & it teaches us the good fortune to ignore & be save from 100 evils ( Sanhedrin 7 a. ).
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Shield of Armor - W. 33

Why is the skin of a person different than the bark of a tree ?

One simple difference is that Hashem has provided us with the brains & the capacity to put on a sweater , jacket or coat as it gets colder. We can also walk in to a warmer place & turn up the heat.
The tree is rooted to its position , however , in the sun or cold weather. Thus Hashem provides it with a " thick skin " to cope with the elements.
But how do we know when to go where & what to wear ?
Hashem has designed skin receptors that register heat , cold , contact , pressure & pain. This skin wrapper , grows & regrows with the person to fit snugly & securely around us perfectly.
Look at the amazing network of lines on your hands to accomodate all of the flexing movements that your miraculous fingers & hands are capable of , Baruch Hashem.
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

What is a Tree ? - W. 32

- An Umbrella
- A Display stand for Fruit
- Food production Plant Factory
- An Educational Institution
- Wood supply for home building , furniture & telephone poles.
- Scenic background
-Hashems Hotel system

* Purpose of a tree ?
Hashem created everything so that we should be aware of Him , Koheles 3:14.
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

Mitzva Count - P. Eikev

There are 8 Mitzvos with the pattern of
Turn away from evil & do good.

- Any silver or gold that was used for an idol is forbidden.
- One may not bring anything from an idol into ones home.

- After eating one is obligated to thank Hashem with Blessings.
- There is a special Mitzva to love a convert who forsakes his past & becomes a genuine Jew.

- Fear Hashem
- Serve Hashem , for example with your heart as you pray.
- Cling to Hashem by becoming close to Torah Sages.
- Only swear with Hashems name when there is no alternative.
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.