Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Invisible Tree -Wonders 45

What is the most important part of a tree ?
Its not what we can see - rather it is the roots which keep the tree alive & growing continuously. The roots are the most significant part of a tree as we are taught in Avos 3:22 , as a comparison to a persons actions.

There is a profound lesson here. A person may be missing out on the most important part of his mission in this world , without realizing it.
There are a great amount of Mitzvos of the mind / heart which we to perform primarily in an invisible manner , as the Chovos Halvovos teaches.
We should ask ourselves- how often do I think , I love Hashem ? What about , do I love other people ?
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Trust in Hashem

Which Mitzva can a person perform evrytime one looks at a bill or coin ?

Devorim 18: 13
Trust completely in Hashem , your G-d.
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

Monday, August 13, 2007

W. 44 - Sound of Tears

For Hashem has heard the voice of my tears , Tehilim 6.
Infants cry for food , for comfort , for attention , for relief. As we mature , we cry for our needs that we yearn for , for a loss Hashem should protect us from , or out of joy Baruch Hashem.
The common denominator is the word bechi , for weeping , which is of the root word becho which means in you. Tears express the innermost , essential feelings of a person. That is why Hashem listens , because it is the authentic you.

Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

W. 43 - A Tearful Message

We see from car windshield wipers that have a cleanser resovoir that shoot out the fluid to interact with the wipers , how beneficial it is. But there are times when the regular washing may be insufficent & it may be sent to a carwash for a major cleansing.
Tears serve as a major overhaul when there is an emotional situation which requires deeper thoughts of repentance.
But why does Hashem create so many protective devices for the eyes - the eyelids have eyelashes , above which there are also eyebrows ?
Obviously , Hashem is urging us to appreciate how precious are our eyes & how we should protect them from inappropriate vision.
The entire eye is surrounded by shock absorbers which shield the eyes from blows.
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

Mitzva Count - Shoftim

There are 41 Mitzvos

10 relating to
Judges & leaders
* Appoint a Judge & officers in all towns that have 120 people.
* Follow their instructions
* Don't turn away from their words.
* Appoint a king.
* But not someone a stranger.
* He may not get too many horses.
* Don't move to Egypt , where they bred the horses.

* Not to marry many wives.
* Not to get too much silver or gold.
* To write for himself another Sefer Torah.

3 for Respect

# No planting trees near the Beis Hamikdosh
# No monuments which were used for idolatry.
# An animal with a blemish may not be used as an offering.
6 for Kohanim

- No share of loot from wars.
- No inheritance of land , besides the 48 cities for them.
- Give them 3 portions of meat
- Give him Teruma of grain , wine & oil.
- Give him of your first wool shearings.
- He should serve Hashem at the Beis Hamigdosh.


10 types of avoiding the false & following true Prophets
* No using methods for trying to predict the future.
* No Witchcraft
* No snake charming.
* No consulting dead bones sorcery
* or Yidoni , bird bones.
* or seeking to connect with the dead.

** Listen to the true Prophets.
# It is forbidden to prophesy falsely.
* or to speak in the of other idol ,gods.
# Don't fear a false prophet , put him to death.

5 of Peoples rights
- Set aside 3 cities of refuge to rehabilitate one who killed someone by accident.
- Don't have pity on someone who deserves a death penalty.
- Don't shift the fence of someones property.
- A single witness cannot incriminate a person.
- 2 witnesses who were caught lying are punished , measure for measure , as they were intending to do to others.

7 for War situations
* Have no fear of the enemy , trust in Hashem.
* A special Kohen should encourage the people.
* Always strive for Peace first.
* Don't allow any of the terrorists to remain alive.
* Don't destroy trees when going to attack.
* if a dead person is found between two cities , a calf is brought & killed ...
* The area where the Mitzva is done is to be left unplanted as a memorial.

Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

W. 42 - 2 Incredible Cameras

Click , click ?
No. You don't even hear a click as your eyes keep on taking instant color pictures.
How often do the lenses have to be cleaned ?
Baruch Hashem , thank Him for designing an automatic cleansing system which dissolves all dust & spreads an antiseptic fluid to keep the eyes spotless & germless. It happens about every 5 seconds & we don't even notice it.
Do we need to apply any wipers ?
Believe it or not , Hashem has created an eyelid cover with an automatic blinking / cleansing system. The eyeshield wipers disappear on top when not in use , but they can be lowered intentionally at any time to shield the eyes from improper harmful sights or they close for a blink by Hashems built in programming.
But we have a homework question for you - what is the signifigance of tears & why are they linked to the eyes ?
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.