Saturday, April 4, 2009

Daf 99- Quiz

Q. If a merchant calls you to say that your item is ready for delivery or pickup , at what point are you obligated to pay the bill ?

A. Once you pick it up or receive the delivery you have until sundown to pay.

Q. If a woman had borrowed a million dollars from a man & he tells her now that he would like to marry her & let her keep the loan money for Kidushin , is it valid ?

Q. No.

Q. What category of sin does Mishlei use to describe one who reveals secret information ?

A. Rechilus - talebearing.

Q. Which Mitzva is referred to by the word " going - yeilchu " ?

A. Visiting the sick. ( You gain some of the Mitzva for the going there by itself , Maharsho ).
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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Daf 98 - Quiz

Q. What is the law if someone knocked some money out of someones hand into the depth of an ocean ?

A. There is a dispute whether causing a loss of money is considered as money or not.

Q. When is the time Erev Pesach for destroying Chometz ?

A. Rashi 98b , 4 lines from top , says by the sixth hour.

Q. If you give someone a utensil to repair but they break it by mistake are they obligated to pay you ?

A. Yes.

Q. What is a shidah ?

A. Last Rashi - a box seat for women.
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Daf 97 - Quiz

Q. If someone grabbed another persons servant & had him work for him does the owner have a monetary claim ?

A. Not if it was an off time when the eved was loafing around.

Q. If someone borrowed money from a person is he allowed to do regular favors for that person or do we have to be concerned that it may appear to be like Ribis ?

A. We are not concerned , second Tosfos.

Q. What can be forbidden ?

A. To do extra favors.

Q. Would we ever produce coins with pictures of our great Sages on them ?

A. No. See last Tosfos on 97b.

Q. The coins of Yerushlayim had the words Dovid & Shlomo written on one side , what was on the other side ?

A. The words - Yerusholayim , city of Holiness.
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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Daf 96 -Quiz

Q. What is the concept of an apotiki ?

A. Where they agreed that the paymemt would only come from one source.
Q. What is the difference between one who stole a tree & then cut it down who does not acquire the wood , whereas one who stole an animal & killed it does acqiure it ?

A. Tosfos explains by the animal it is more of an obvious change.


Q. Why was Shmuel called the Persian King ?

A. Because the Halacha followed his decision in monetary issues as if he were the king.

Q. If someone stole Chometz before Pesach & he wants to return it after Pesach is that possible ?

A. Yes
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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Daf 95 - Quiz

Q. When is a beam that is around considered as if its not ?

A. When it is built into his house.

Q. What is the definition of Birah ?

A. A large house
Q. What is meant by " land cannot be stolen " if someone did steal it ?

A. The owner still has his chazaka rights.

Q. If someone was instructed to dye wool red but he instead did it black is he considered a meizid or a shogeg ?

A. Rashi says a shogeg - because there are many people who don't realize that one has to follow instructions !
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Monday, March 30, 2009

Daf 94 - Quiz

Q. If someone has to eat non Kosher food to save his life does he recite a Blessing ?

A. Yes. Shulchan Aruch 196:2

Q. What does it mean that even though there is a change it stays in its place ?

A. Rashi - in the place of the original owner.

Q. What is the status of a reversible change ?

A. It is not considered a change.

Q. What are the 3 rules regarding repenting & returning stolen goods ?

A. If the item is available - return it.

If it is built into a building - pay for its value.

If it is not intact - even if the person offers to reimburse you , it is better to be Mochel & not to accept payment.
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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Daf 93 - Quiz

Q. Which is the most powerful of all of the 17 lessons that Rava taught here ?

A. Some say - You are inflenced by the company you keep - becuase we showed 5 sources for it on 92b & another source now on 93a.

Q. Which lesson should we always learn from pigeons & doves , but not from eagels ?

A. Be humble , not agressive.

Q. If someone stole lumber & built a table , what is he obligated to return ?

A. The value as of when he stole it.


Q. If 5 Sages hold of the same general concept does that mean that it will be the final halacha ?

A. Not necessarily if they don't actually say the same thing. See last Tosfos on 93b.
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Daf 92 - Quiz

Q. If someone had injured a person & then paid for all 5 payments is it all over ?

A. Not yet. He is also required to ask for forgiveness.

Q. What if the victim refuses to forgive ?

A. He becomes the sinner.

Q. What if a non Jew claims he did not know the 7 basic Laws of human decency can he be exempt ?

A. No. He is guilty for not having learned them.

Q. How can one insure that Hashem should accept his Prayers ?

A. By davening for others who need that.

So we will utilize this teaching & pray for all of our participants to merit
Wisdom , Health , Children & Wealth in Abundance !

Q. Which meal of the day saves a person from 83 illnesess ?

A. Breakfast.


Q. What is the Siman for 83 ?

A. The Gimatria of the word maachla ( sickness ).

Q. Which Daf has the teaching-
Birds of a feather flock together ?

A. 92b.

Q. Are we supposed to be grateful at all to the egyptians ?

A. Yes , for living in their country.
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.