Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mitzva Review - 24

There are 7 Mitzvos in Parshas Tetzaveh -

98- To light the Menorah daily. This symbolizes that the source of light is from Hashem whose residence is the Beis Hamigdosh.

99 - Every Kohen has to wear a special outfit when he comes to serve. A regular wore a uniform of 4 garments , a shirt , pants , hat & belt. The Kohen Godol wore 8 garments. This teaches us that the way you dress makes a difference in how you succeed.
100- The Choshen chest plate of the Kohen Godol should not move away from its place on the Eifod apron.
This teaches us to keep things in their proper place.

101- These uniforms should not be ruined or torn in any way.

102 - Those offerings that are supposed to be eaten by the Kohanim should be properly with following the halachic guidelines.
103 - There was a special offering of Ketores spices perfume twice a day that would permeate throughout the entire city. This enhanced the glory of Hashems honor.

104 - The inner , golden Mizbeach was only used daily for this Ketores function.
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.