Monday, May 23, 2011

30 day Mitzva Review- 14

51- If ones animal or bird causes death , the animal is put to death & the owner needs to pay for damages. A person needs to watch his animals.

52- The animal that is to be put to death may not be used in any way.
This teaches that one who caused others harm is to be despised & they need to repent.
53 - It is forbidden to leave a pit open or to cause any type of stumbling block to people or to animals.
54- If one stole an item , he has to pay back double.
If he stole a sheep - he pays back 4 of them.
If he stole an ox - he pays back 5 times.
55 - If his animal caused damage while walking or doing regular behavior but it was in someones private area - the animal owner is held responsible.

56 - If he left his fire go out of control & cause damage , he also needs to pay for damages.
Now may be a good time for a gem of Torah study.